Think globally, act locally to stop wrath of Mother Nature

WHAT is going on with the weather - as if we didn't know?

Typhoon Haiyan absolutely devastated parts of the Philippines, hundreds of tornadoes ripped through America's mid-west, and then a cyclone hit Sardinia.

We in Australia like to play it low-key when it comes to our weather and natural disasters - but certainly get more than our fair share in our brown, rugged land.

Many parts of the country - and Queensland in particular - are still drought-declared, although there was a bit of rain recently, in parts of the state that had not seen real rain in years.

And we have had a few bushfires, some burning uncontrollably out west for weeks.

Closer to home there have been quite a few outbreaks so far this season, and probably more to come.

And then it is into cyclone and flood season. Parts of the state, and our own region, are still recovering from flooding not 12 months ago, and it could be on again.

Lots of work has been going into levees and road-raising, but once Mother Nature bares her teeth, there is not much we can do.

But maybe, there is a little more we could do, so she does not get quite as angry.

The Greenies - or is it the Greens - say think globally, act locally to save our planet?

Maybe it is picking up a bit of rubbish or riding your bike, using public transport or walking a bit more often rather than using the car; we could all do our bit.

I love that bumper sticker - burn fat not oil.

I know, I know, what about China and India?

Sometimes we feel helpless, but the world is made up of little people like us - and we could change the world.

We must not give up.

Most scientists qualified in climate study now agree climate change is real.

It is happening. The only real argument left is whether it is man-made and if it is permanent.

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