SWAMPED: The Black Swamp members are raring to hit up Gladstone for the Bent Metal Media Presents concert in December.
SWAMPED: The Black Swamp members are raring to hit up Gladstone for the Bent Metal Media Presents concert in December. CONTRIBUTED

Sludge metal is coming to Gladstone

THEY are called The Black Swamp and are proud of it.

Jesse Kenny, Grant Scott, Brendan Woodley, Stew Wren and Rick Collier are a group of five guys who love heavy metal, keen to bring their sound to Gladstone on December 5 for a metal concert.

They will play alongside Darkc3ll, Azreal, In Debt, Dead End Kings and Beyond Vendetta for an epic showcase of the heavier side of music.

Pulse caught up with 27-year-old Black Swamp guitarist Jesse to chat about all things metal.

Q. What is The Black Swamp exactly?

A. Sludge metal would be a good term to describe us. It's raw, heavy music. We are all about live music and we like people to hear us exactly how we play together in the studio.

We are a bunch of friends who enjoy similar styles of music.

The drummer and myself have been playing together for years and years.

We wrote a bunch of songs and decided we wanted to get it out to the people. We have been a band since 2012.

Q. Been to Gladstone before?

A. No. Gladstone will be the furthest north we have ever been. It's an exciting venture for us.

We know nothing about Gladstone. All the impressions we have of the smaller places is that they appreciate it more.

We might get a better reception there than at our home town. That's one of the things we are excited about.

Q. Why is sludge metal an attraction?

A. There's not many bands in Australia who do sludge metal. It's a southern American genre.

When we started out we didn't feel like there were any bands around our local area who did that. We just do our own thing.

Q. Is The Black Swamp a full-time gig for you guys?

A. We do it because we love it. It's a hobby but we all have our full-time jobs, too.

People can still get our music on iTunes, but we don't intend to make heaps of money out of it. Our drummer is an architect and I am an environment officer.

We come from all walks of life. You wouldn't know we are into heavy metal! The oldest member is 32 and I am the youngest at 27.

Q. What's your fan base like?

A. I hate the word fan, I find that word exclusionary. I would call it a friend base.

If people enjoy it then they are likely to have common values and become our friends.

Our music is definitely getting out there and it's pushing farther than we ever thought it would.

We are also getting international downloads. It is growing.

Q. Where do you get your lyrical material?

A. We kind of set out not to be too opinionated, which is hard to do.

We actually write a few songs about partying and stupid stuff like that.

A metal band is more about the riffs, that's what our band motto is. It's all about the riff.

Q. What kind of fun do you think you will get up to in Gladstone?

A. We think the Gladstone concert will be a pretty boozy affair.

There's us and two other bands going up on a bus together. We will be in good spirits. I think it will be a good party atmosphere.


  • Grand Hotel
  • December 5 from 5pm
  • Tickets $25 at the door
  • 18+ event

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