Is feeding the fish some comfort food so bad?

IS it wrong to put a chocolate bar in the goldfish bowl at work? I know fish eat fish food but would I get in trouble with Ashlee the boss if I was to do it?

Now I'm not saying I did it, but perhaps if I did, would that be wrong?

Perhaps there may be some fish floating upside down or doing the side paddle for a while, but all in all would it really matter?

I used to have pet fish when I was little, and yes, that was many, many moons ago. I used to care for them, feed them, take them for rides on my bike, and even to the extent of flying!

Yes, flying! A fish can fly - you know that bag they come in from the shop? Well, when you throw them high in the air in that bag, they pretty much are flying. Not the best on the way down, but they were flying.

I don't suggest anyone reading this go out and try it at home. No, what I am saying is I was a little idiot as a child in the 70s.

That aside, would it hurt if they were to nibble on a small piece of chocolate, perhaps just a little Mars bar, or even a small Smartie? Surely not, as they are only little.

I know I can't get into any trouble at work over this as the lady who 'owns' the fish doesn't usually communicate with me, because she says I don't respect animals. I don't know why.

I have been known over the years to flush certain pieces of evidence down the toilet just to get rid of them.

I know those posters from Smash Hits on my wall were part of the flush, as were my Hypercolour 80s underwear, and maybe a couple of finned gold creatures. Outside of that, not much.

Just in case Ashlee is reading this, I haven't put anything in your fish tank at all except fish food. I may have let them come out for some air and sunshine once or twice, but that's it.

I'm off to the pet store to get something to play with. Anyone got any ideas?

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