Federal minister tours Agnes Water

WARREN Snowdon got a guided tour of the new Agnes Water Community Centre yesterday, as the Federal Minister checked out where some of the Federal Infrastructure spending went to stimulate the Australian economy at the height of the global financial crisis.

His tour guide, Member for Flynn Chris Trevor, was quick to point out the importance of the project in the town and the role played by the Gladstone Regional Council (GRC).

“Warren I’ve got 13 councils in my seat of Flynn and the Gladstone Regional Council was the only one to put all their funding into the one project,” Mr Trevor said.

“Agnes was hit particularly hard by the global financial crisis and this project (Agnes Water Community Centre) was vitally important for this community.”

Stage 1 of the centre – part-funded by the council – is complete and will house the new rural transaction centre, while Stage 2 which includes the library and meeting rooms, hall etc is due to be finished by the end of October.

The GRC’s councillor Matt Burnett said by pacing all the funding in this particular project it gave an important boost to the local (Agnes Water) community, and gave the council “more bang for its buck”.

Mr Trevor also announced yesterday the roll out of the national high-speed broadband network which would bring better services and new technology to the Discovery Coast.

Agnes Water, Seventeen Seventy, Bundaberg and Moore Park were set to be connected to the optical fibre network, Mr Trevor said.

“Local families, businesses and schools will enjoy the benefits of faster, modern technology – sharing the same advantages as the cities,” he said.

“It will make regional economies more competitive, ensure our students have the best quality education and put an end to download delays at home.”

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