Caltex says Boyne Island BP fuel price 'not typical'

GLADSTONE drivers are getting behind a call to buy fuel at Boyne Island this weekend to send a message to Gladstone service stations that over-charge for fuel.

>> Fuel watch page set up to keep an eye on Gladstone prices

In a poll on The Observer's story on Wednesday about the boycott, 81% of people said they would support the move.

Another 12% said they already had a full tank, but would support cheaper service stations next time they filled up.

A post on The Observer's Facebook page about the boycott had been shared 137 times early this morning, and had been liked by 240 people.

The Observer on Wednesday reported that fuel was up to 15 cents a litre more expensive than it should be, according to the RACQ, and Gladstone was the second-most expensive place in Queensland to buy unleaded petrol.

The boycott is being led by Sherri-Lee Saunders, who feels like Gladstone and Calliope residents are being ripped off by high fuel prices.

She has set up a Facebook page abut the boycott here.

Mrs Saunders was born and bred in Gladstone, and to cut her $170 weekly fuel bill drives to Boyne Island to fill up.

She said she wanted to see action to put pressure on the big companies by buying fuel out of Gladstone.

"I would hope the managers would report that they are suffering some loses and make head office realise people are getting sick of their inflated prices," she said.

"If they can still sell at that price in Boyne and make ends meet, why can't they here?"

Caltex Australia's Sam Collyer said the price of fuel in Boyne Island was not typical of regional Queensland.

"Retail competition in the Boyne Island area is very aggressive and has been for some time," Mr Collyer said.

"This pocket of aggressive competition makes Boyne Island one of the cheapest places in regional Queensland to buy petrol," he said.

BP Boyne Island owner Col Taylor said he had been pricing with the same margin for 17 years.

"I have been busier over the past two months with people from all over the place and it's got a lot to do with the price," Mr Taylor said.

"I am posting a fair and responsible price but I do feel sorry for the staff and management of other stations who cop the flak, because they don't control their prices," he said.

Mr Taylor said if people stopped buying fuel in Gladstone he would not be able to handle the influx of people.

"There is no way in the world we could handle it," he said. "We haven't got room to have them to park."

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