Nathan Jay McLellan.
Nathan Jay McLellan.

Father’s heartbreak over driving suspension

AN Agnes Water man will struggle to see his daughter for the festive season after he copped a six-month driving disqualification in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Monday.

Nathan Jay McLellan, 44, pleaded guilty to driving while demerit-point suspended and contravening a police direction.

McLellan was intercepted by a Road Policing Command vehicle patrolling the Bruce Highway, Bororen, on November 21 at 9.14am.
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He was clocked doing 134kmh in a 100kmh zone and a licence and registration check on the Toyota Prado he was driving revealed he was disqualified.

McLellan was also given a direction to supply identification to Calliope Police Station but he handed them in a week later than requested, and was issued with another notice to appear.

The court heard McLellan had moved around a lot for work and been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I work as a chef in Calliope because I searched for work in Bundaberg and Gladstone but couldn’t find anything,” McLellan said.

Magistrate Bevan Manthey said: “Unfortunately, due to your license being demerit point suspended my only option is to suspend you from driving for six months.

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“Out in the bush is different to the city where you can just jump on a train or bus to get to work - people from the bush feel the pinch of suspensions a lot more.”

McLellan revealed he would struggle to see his daughter, who lived at Boyne Island, if any suspension was actioned, however, Mr Manthey said the decision was already made.

McLellan was fined $500 and disqualified from driving for six months.

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