Did you tell dad you loved him?

Did you tell your father you loved him yesterday?

Business information analysts IBISWorld predicted Australians splashed out more than $1 billion on presents and restaurant meals this Father’s Day.

But when it came to what meant most to Gladstone’s fathers it wasn’t the expensive gifts and gadgets that made their day special.

It was hearing from their kids. Whether it was a phone call to say they loved them or taking the youngsters out for ice-cream, it was the kids that made the day special.

Greg Langdor who was in Gladstone for business from Gympie said he was sad he couldn’t spend the day with his sons but he was chuffed to get a phone call from them telling him they were thinking of him.

“It was so nice to have my sons ring and say hello,” he said.

Bob Freeman felt the same way. His grown-up kids may not live in town but just hearing from them made his day.

“Just hearing from them and the grandkids gives you a real boost,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re adults, it’s still nice to hear from them.”

Ben Brown travelled to Gladstone from out of town to spend time with his youngsters, taking them out for ice-cream to celebrate the special day.

“It’s just great to spend time with them,” he said.

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