NOOSA FESTIVAL: Jordan Spee in action.
NOOSA FESTIVAL: Jordan Spee in action. Geoff Potter

Fancy having iconic Noosa surfing spot all to yourself?

SURFING: It's one of the world's most iconic surfing destinations and now the waves of Noosa's First Point could be yours, at least for a little while.

In an exciting initiative at the annual Noosa Festival of Surfing, board riders of all abilities can bid at silent auction for 10-minute solo sessions there.

And it's for a good cause, with proceeds going to Waves of Wellness, which raises awareness for mental health.

"People will pay good money just to be able to get out there at First Point without the crowds,” festival director Sam Smith said.

"We're really playing on that raise money for a fantastic initiative.”

Auctions will be held daily at the eight-day event, which gets under way on Saturday.

The festival, which has essentially been running since the early 1990s, has near-full fields for a variety of events and divisions.

Participants from Hawaii, United States of America, Japan, Brazil, Portugal and Taiwan will join surfers from around Australia at famed First Point.

"We've got a few divisions that are hotly contested with the world's best surfers in them...the logger pro, the women's pro, the nose-rider, they're all divisions which mean a lot to surfers to be a place-getter,” Smith said.

"But then there's so many divisions that are just fort fun and for the love of surfing and for the love of the beach lifestyle.”

Smith said it's been a challenging lead-up to the festival, with a mid-week storm hindering preparations and a lack of sand at main beach.

Then there's the all-important surf.

"We're praying for's not looking fantastic (but) we should have a rideable wave over the weekend and then hopefully something more picking up from the middle of next week,” she said.

The festival, which also includes regular entertainment, is seemingly as popular as ever.

"People keep coming back year after year because it's a great family-friendly week when they catch up with their surfing buddies,” Smith said.

"It's become a tradition for them. The surfers who used to do it 20 years ago are now coming with their kids and grand kids.”

There will also be workshops and wellness and sustainability days.

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