Family heartbroken after dog found dumped in paddock

MISSED: Casey and Maddy McNamara with their dog Sassy.
MISSED: Casey and Maddy McNamara with their dog Sassy. Jacob Miley

A SARINA family is struggling to fathom the cruelty in their dog's death after it was found dumped in a paddock 10km from home.

On Monday, Sassy the blue heeler was found bloodied with "incredibly tight" rope wrapped around her neck.

The dog had been dumped on the edge of Freshwater Creek Rd, about a metre into the cane. Owner of the property, Lauren Cleary, said at first she and her partner had thought it was a pig, until they got closer and noticed the rope around the dog's neck.

"It looked like a kangaroo you see on the side of the road after it's been hit by a car," Ms Cleary said. "When we first saw it we thought someone had shot it, but then we saw the rope."

Ms Cleary took to social media to find the owner and it wasn't long before Chrissy McNamara saw it.

Sassy, who had a distinctive black patch over its left eye, had been left with friends while Ms McNamara and her family relocated from Sarina Range. The family pet had been missing since Saturday, but Ms McNamara always thought she was going to return home. Or at least, at the very worst, been hit by a car, as had happened previously.


The family pet had a distinctive patch on its left eye.
The family pet had a distinctive patch on its left eye. Jacob Miley

Sassy had been spotted in Armstrong Beach by a neighbour on Saturday night but in the hour it took to notify Ms McNamara and for her and a friend, Kirby Hanna, to begin searching the dog was nowhere to be found. Ms McNamara believes someone took Sassy during this time and killed her. She believes her pet was hung by the rope that was still around her neck.

"I never thought that around here (at Armstrong Beach) someone could do that," she said.

"The hardest thing is to know what she's gone through in her last moments, the agony that she would have been through - it was in her face."

"When we saw her it was very obvious what had happened because (the rope) was in her skin."

On Tuesday morning, Ms McNamara had to tell her six-year-old daughter Maddy that her dog had gone to heaven and wasn't coming back. She still hasn't told her her three-year-old daughter.

Sassy first became a part of the family about five years ago, after husband Darby came across her, chained up, while doing a concreting job at Hay Point. "I said to the bloke, you don't want that dog do you mate, he said 'nup' and I threw her in the truck and took her home," Mr McNamara said.

His wife, never a dog person, was angry that he hadn't consulted her before bringing the dog home, but she grew to love Sassy, who was "just too kind and too good".

Sarina Police and the RSPCA were notified of the incident, but Ms McNamara doesn't believe anyone will be held accountable.

"We don't have much hope that anyone is going to be found," she said.

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