Woman fronts court over 37th public nuisance conviction

MAGISTRATE Barry Cosgrove caught up with an "old friend" in court yesterday.

And the familiar face's criminal history caught up with her.

Beverley Jean Rankin received her 37th public nuisance conviction in the Rockhampton Magistrates Court, after police were called to an incident on January 17.

The court heard police went to Phillips St at 6.45pm to investigate suspicious people in the area.

During their investigations, 51-year-old Rankin came out from her unit and started yelling and swearing at two males nearby.

Rankin was told to stop but failed to do so.

Prosecution said Rankin had been convicted of public nuisance 36 times in the last five years.

It was submitted that a short term of imprisonment was the only appropriate sentence.

The defendant also faced charges of unlicensed driving and driving an unregistered vehicle from January 13 at Gracemere.

Defence solicitor Shayne Studdert asked Magistrate Cosgrove to take into account that the offences were only minor.

He said his client had seen the two males in the area selling drugs to children before, and on this occasion one of them propositioned her with sex.

This caused her to become angry.

But Mr Cosgrove said he had to take into account her history.

"You and I are becoming old friends," Mr Cosgrove said.

"I don't say that lightly."

Rankin was fined $1072 for the three offences and a suspended sentence for another offence was extended by three months.

"I really don't want to see you here again," Mr Cosgrove said.

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