Factor in fatigue when driving

OPERATION Spring Break 2010 is an initiative to try to curb road deaths and casualties during the September-October school holidays.

Schools will soon break up for a two-week holiday from Friday, September 17 through to Monday, October 4.

Gladstone District Traffic Branch officer-in-charge, acting Senior Sergeant Chris Lette, said like any other school holiday period this will see an increase in traffic on our roads as a large number of families take this opportunity to travel to and from holiday destinations.

“Police are mindful of this and they will also be taking to the roads in an effort to ensure that all persons travelling on district roads are able to arrive at their holiday destinations safely,” Snr Sgt Lette said.

This operation commences on Wednesday, September 15 and will finish on Sunday, October 3.

“Even though police will be paying particular attention to life-endangering offences such as speeding, failing to wear seat belts and drink-driving, they will also be taking the action against persons who are found committing any traffic offences.”

Police are also urging all drivers to take fatigue into consideration when driving long distances and to be mindful of taking periodic rest breaks during their trip.

“There is no doubt that any trip people intend to take during the holiday period will take longer due to the increase in traffic volumes so they must prepare for this and not set unrealistic timeframes,” Snr Sgt Lette said.

“Police will be providing a highly visible presence on our roads in fully-marked patrols cars, however they will also be monitoring driver behaviour in unmarked police vehicles.

“Police will be doing everything possible to make this holiday period incident-free, however for this to be achieved they need the assistance of everyone who takes to our roads during this period by ensuring the road rules and safe driving practices are to the forefront of their mind.”

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