Who is Gladstone's most popular person on Facebook?

Gladstone Mayor Gail Sellers.
Gladstone Mayor Gail Sellers. Tom Huntley

GLADSTONE Mayor Gail Sellers is one the most popular people in town - well, according to Facebook.

By liking, sharing, checking-in and poking, Gladstonites have provided a snapshot of their favourite people and places in town.

The mayor shone in the popularity stakes with more than 3400 friends to her name, ahead of fellow pollies state MP Liz Cunningham (1360) and federal MP Ken O'Dowd (590).

"I wouldn't say I'm popular, but I use Facebook as a means of getting information out there quickly to the community," Cr Sellers said.

"People need to know the personal and the professional sides of their mayor."

Hot FM radio personality Paul "Browny" Brown also scored a mention with 871 Facebook friends, ahead of Zinc FM's Rob Kidd (645).

Browny, along with co-host EJ, dominated as the most popular media outlet in central Queensland, with 8113 Facebook likes.

"Browny and I are pretty much an open book and we find that sharing our lives with everyone else is a great way to connect with other people," EJ said.

The Observer pulled more likes in the Gladstone news front with 3605 likes, with Seven Gladstone receiving 2615 likes.

Gladstone bar-hoppers listed Yaralla Sports Club as their venue of choice on social media, followed by Harvey Rd Tavern (1961) and Diceys Irish Pub (1306), the Reef Hotel (1040) and the Grand Hotel (644).

Over on Curtis Island QCLNG's site has received more than 2000 check-ins since construction began.

An unofficial GLNG page recorded 83 likes and 1861 check-ins while APLNG saw 34 likes and 592 check-ins.

As for ways to make Gladstone's most popular social media list next year, Browny said i was all about being yourself.

"Speak your mind, personalise your online presence and interact with your followers and supporters daily," Browny said.

"They want to hear from the real you, not a generic update anyone could have posted."

Click here to check out The Observer's Facebook page.

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