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Facebook report shows 'haha' has overtaken 'lol' in chats

DO you lol or haha? Or maybe you use a laughing emoji? The team at Facebook are looking into the most common ways to laugh online.

Like any "dialect," e-laughing is evolving. 

According to a report by Facebook's research team, "haha" and its variant forms are used 51.4 percent of the time to show laughter on Facebook, compared to 1.9 percent for "LOL" and its variants.

Facebook bloggers Udi WeinsbergLada Adamic and Mike Develin analyzed de-identified posts and comments posted on Facebook in the last week of May with at least one string of characters matching laughter.

Supplied by Facebook

They matched regular expressions which automatically identified laughter in the text, including variants of haha, hehe, emoji, and lol.

What do you write to express laughter online?

This poll ended on 22 August 2015.

Current Results



Haha or hehe


I use smiley faces or emoji


I use a bit of everything


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

They found age, gender and geographic location play a role in laughter type and length: young people and women prefer emoji, whereas men prefer longer hehes.

People in Chicago and New York prefer emoji, while Seattle and San Francisco prefer hahas. 

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