Facebook friendship a waiting game with kids

YOU'VE heard the phrase "they grow up so fast, don't they?".

There are things that happen just about every day that remind you of exactly that. My moment in time was Saturday, and I'll never forget it.

My kids are getting older - in some ways too quickly for my liking.

My daughter had just hit double figures and will be turning 21 quicker than I can say "and welcome back Wayne Bennett".

My son, however, has just turned 13 and is turning into a great little man.

He's still into Lego, loves making and constructing things and his love of technology would give Apple a run for its money.

But the thing that he's waiting for years to happen has finally come true - Facebook.

Yes, that's what he's been waiting for.

The one thing that so many of us are still trying to work out has my son in heaven.

He's been waiting so long to have it and he's lapping it up.

Last week I was talking to my mum in freezing Sydney and we got talking about Facebook and how she loves clicking the like button on all my posts.

After we finished laughing (not really), my son came up in conversation and she mentioned a special friend request she got from him. She of course accepted it and asked why I hadn't got one as yet.

I didn't know the answer to it but I knew I wouldn't friend request him as that would be about as cool as dropping them off to school in my pyjamas and Ugg boots.

I had to wait for him to make the first move and that came on Sunday afternoon when that magic sound rang on my iPad.

Yep, he sent me a request!

I had the biggest smile on my face after I saw it.

I knew then that he wasn't embarrassed for his dad to be his Facebook buddy, and that I would be allowed to comment on his daily goings on without him rolling his eyes like his sister does so well.

I guess this is just another way to show that my two little kids who I used to push around in a wheelbarrow and carry to the shops aren't so little any more.

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