Good fortune or bad, expo reading was not as predicted

The Australian Psychic Expo - Laura has a reading with Shannar.
The Australian Psychic Expo - Laura has a reading with Shannar. Mike Richards

MYSTIC critic journalist Laura McKee didn't see a change of heart coming when she visited the Australian Psychic Expo in Gladstone.

Here's her first person perspective on attending the expo:

I must admit, every time one of those annoying Psychic Expo ads come on TV, I always cringe at the word "Fantabulous" and then proceed to scoff at the thought of getting my fortune told.

I know you should never judge a book by it's cover, but I never understood how one could shut their eyes and sense what is happening in somebody else's life.

How can you do that without stalking their Facebook page or holding a conversation? It's a concept I never considered could be legit.

But, this pessimistic attitude of mine changed on Friday as I embarked on my very first physic experience, attending the Australian Psychic Expo at the Grand Hotel on Goondoon St.

The expo began on Friday and runs until June 9.

The mood of the room was exactly as I envisioned, hippie music, purple and gold tacky table cloths, candles and multicoloured rocks scattered across the room.

But my reading was one that I didn't predict.

I sat across from a lady named Shannar Douglas who whipped out her notepad and stared intently into my eyes.

This woman knew me like the back of her hand: in a nutshell, she said I overthink too much (dead right), I am in the right career (thank gosh), my mum and dad are made for each other (they are two peas in a pod) and I will have three children (I always wanted three).

She wrote down little sums on her notepad and asked me for my birthday, in which she told me was an "11/11".

"Send your worries out to the universe and an angel will look after you," she said, nodding her head.

Shannar also believed I could potentially be a great sewer, I should start taking up bike riding and I should join a musical.

All three things will never happen because I have no balance on any two-wheeled vehicle, the last time I sewed I got my finger caught in the sewing machine and when I sing I sound like a cat being slowly killed.

Nevertheless, she continued to say that travel will be a large part of my life and a man will sweep me off my feet in three months.

The Australian Psychic Expo - Cassandra Easton from the U.K.
The Australian Psychic Expo - Cassandra Easton from the U.K. Mike Richards

Now, I like the sound of those pieces of information.

"This dude is a Leo and has a really good heart. He's not selfish but very creative and plays drums. He could also do photography. He could be in construction or a carpenter who owns his own business," Shannar told me.

Wow, what a guy! Shannar reckoned I will meet this guy on some adventurous holiday or through cycling...

Forty eight minutes later and Shannar had told me about myself and what I need to work on to stop procrastinating and overanalysing situations.

She was pretty accurate, and I was honestly amazed by her talent.

You will have a fiery little girl who will never shut up and is a pain the ass, a little boy who will stroll out of bed when he feels like it and smell the flowers, and a very smart girl who can use an iPad at 18 months old.

I then wondered over to a red-haired lady named Cassandra who had a bunch of nick knacks on her table, including some stone angels. I soon realised she was the world famous psychic Cassandra Eason.

I picked a blue and pink angel out of a basket.

The pink one was most interesting, meaning authority.

Cassandra thought I was 30, pretty gobsmacked that I was 21 years old, but making me feel better in the fact I have the air of a 30-year-old journo.

She also said I will live to the ripe age of 95.

The Australian Psychic Expo.
The Australian Psychic Expo. Mike Richards

Cassandra told me about the personalities of my three offspring, too.

That was pretty cool.

"You will have a fiery little girl who will never shut up and is a pain the ass, a little boy who will stroll out of bed when he feels like it and smell the flowers, and a very smart girl who can use an iPad at 18 months old," she said.

Cassandra farewelled me with a brown crystal called a Mookaite.

I highly recommend seeing one of the psychics who have been reading people for years.

So, if there's anything I learnt at the expo, it's that I will be on earth for a lot longer, I look nine years older than I am and I need to go and buy a bike!

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