Experience is good news

CHANEL College students Mikaela Hayman and Emily Robertson are undertaking a week of work experience at The Observer this week.

Both girls are gaining journalism and photography skills so they can make a balanced decision for their future subject selections and university choices.

Mikaela, 14, said she came to The Observer in order to experience the working life of both a photographer and journalist.

“Although I have only been in the workplace for a short period of time I already have a far deeper understanding of both these careers,” Mikaela said.

“My first day was very enjoyable as I travelled around the town taking photographs of sporting events, artwork, politicians, new-born babies and lots more.

“Being involved in writing a feature article, with a fellow student, and thinking of ideas for a photo shoot are just some of the interesting tasks I have been set.

“Before coming to The Observer I had very little idea about what I would like to do in the future.

“However, having had this experience I am now considering photography or journalism as a career to pursue.”

Emily, 15, said when she was asked to write down three preferences for her work experience, she had no real idea what she should write.

“As usual, I left it until the last minute to fill the form out and when I handed it in, my first preference was a journalist,” Emily said.

“I received the opportunity to work at The Observer and I am extremely thankful I did.

“On my very first day I was assigned a task – to conduct my own interview and then write an article about it.

“I never, in a million years, thought that something I wrote would end up in the pages of a real newspaper.

“While I was working at The Observer I got to be a part of all the action and work that goes into making just one day’s paper.

The Observer has given me a fantastic opportunity that has inspired me to become a journalist.”

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