Bike riding hard enough without idiot drivers

OVER the past few weeks I've been getting back into doing some exercise.

The style of exercise varies from day to day. One day it could be a 7km run or a stroll around the Kin Kora gardens, or even getting on the "deadly treadly" and riding around Gladstone for a few hours.

You know that feeling of the wind in your hair, the views you don't see when you drive the kids to school, it's all good on the top of a pushbike.

You know what's not the best though?

Sitting on what they call a seat starts to wear thin, especially when you have no padding like me.... padding on myself not the bike seat!

As I don't go very often, the old muscles just don't seem to enjoy it as did the more than 700 riders leaving Agnes Water for Rosedale on Sunday.

I suppose all I can do is practise and hope things get a little better on my behind.

The other thing that's not the best is idiots in cars who seem to take great pleasure in making sure the experience is a bad one.

On Saturday, I was riding to work down the Dawson Hwy until a strange thing happened.

I was turning into William St when this car came about as close to me as physically possible and nearly threw me off the bike.

While I didn't come off, it did shake me up a bit.

Sure there are plenty of times when you hope all goes well on some of the roads in Gladstone, but I've felt quite confident for a long time now until the weekend just gone.

The best part of the incident was a message I received from a friend who actually got photos of the car, its number plates and the driver after seeing what had just happened.

I'll be forwarding the info onto the police for a record of the incident in the hope this nutbag either gets some lessons into how to drive or even takes himself off the road before he takes someone else out completely.

To all the bike riders out there just giving it a crack today, have fun. I hope you make it back in one piece.

To all of the drivers including myself, remember to give the at least one metre grace in town. It's courtesy and best practice.

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