HAZARD: Police say the drugs being marketed as herbal products can contain deadly chemical cocktails.
HAZARD: Police say the drugs being marketed as herbal products can contain deadly chemical cocktails. Patrick Sison

EXCLUSIVE: 'Fake' drug website targeting Bundaberg

BUNDABERG people are being targeted by a series of online videos encouraging them to buy drugs such as ecstasy and amphetamines.

The videos link users to a website promoting replicas of the drugs.

The website sells a range of pills claiming to mimic illegal drugs including cocaine, with packs of six bottles selling for $149.70.

For a bottle of 25 pills, described as delivering an experience like ecstasy, the cost is $35.

The website also claims to sell products laced with synthetic aphrodisiacs, chemical compounds and herbs, and dubiously urges users not to consult a doctor before use as their products are "safe".

The website claims to ship worldwide and urges potential customers to get hold of their products before they're made "illegal".

The origin of the pills is unknown, but a contact number for the sellers appears to be based overseas.

The NewsMail has chosen not to identify the website or the well known sites where it's being prominently advertised.

In 2013, Queensland criminalised any product designed to imitate the effects of chemicals already outlawed as a dangerous drug.

According to Crime Stoppers, synthetic and "herbal" drugs are illegal and have the potential to be deadly.

Side-effects include violent outbursts, irrational fears, psychosis, heart damage, blurred vision, stroke and liver damage.

A Queensland woman, known only as Steph, recently shared her story with Crime Stoppers in an attempt to stop others from taking the drugs after she ingested a cocktail of toxic chemicals following one serve of a "herbal" drug product.

"I bought a supposed herbal tea over the counter at the shop. They told me it was legal and safe - it's not," she said.

"When I used it I immediately couldn't breathe and felt extreme pain.

"By the time the ambulance arrived, I was almost paralysed, the doctor said I had ingested over 24 toxic chemicals.

"The drugs might be synthetic, but the damage to me was very real."

State laws against synthetic drugs mean the possession, trafficking or sale of synthetic drugs in Queensland is treated under the same laws as other illicit drugs.

The website's advertising videos comes after the jailing of the owner of the Love Heart adult shops, including one in Bundaberg, for selling synthetic drugs.

The store's owner David Andre Jules Piccinato was sentenced to six years in prison.

Former operations manager Ross McGlone was sentenced to five years' jail.

Two people died and 32 went to hospital after taking synthetic drugs in Mackay, where Piccinato owned another Love Heart shop selling the products.

According to sources, online websites selling synthetic drugs are becoming increasingly shrewd as governments crack down on well-known drug-selling sites.

A spokesman for the Queensland Police Service said state police could only take action if the website was based in Queensland.

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