Marie Poxon holds a photo of her late husband, Simon Poxon.
Marie Poxon holds a photo of her late husband, Simon Poxon. Kevin Farmer

Evidence was washed from fatal incident scene

THE truck that reversed over Toowoomba man Simon Poxon in a workplace incident three years ago did so at speed, a court has been told.

Worker Neil Stegar recalled seeing Mr Poxon get crushed between a reversing flatbed truck and a cherry picker at equipment hire company Sherrin Rentals on February 26, 2013.

Mr Stegar said the truck moved "at speed" when it reversed which indicated to him it had been driven as opposed to rolling backwards.

"Being an automatic truck, it's not hard to hit the wrong gear with them," he said.

"Whether he (driver Jameson Boon) hit the wrong gear and intended to go forward, he came back pretty quick."

The inquest under Coroner John Lock is examining the circumstances surrounding Mr Poxon's death, and seeks to identify the management of risks to workers being struck by vehicles at the workplace.

Five witnesses were called on the first day including Toowoomba police Senior Constable Natalie Brown who was the first police unit to attend the scene.

She arrived on scene 49 minutes after the Mr Poxon had been taken to Toowoomba Hospital and QFES crews had left.

She said she was told immediately the truck driver, Jameson Boon, had gone home after the incident and she ordered he return to the Torrington business where he returned a zero reading on a breath test.

He was not drug tested as police in Toowoomba had not been trained to conduct the tests in 2013.

Snr Const. Brown said the concrete slab where the incident occurred had been hosed down before police arrived. That lost evidence.

"I remember him (worker at site) telling us he had hosed it down so it wouldn't be so distressing to the other workers."

Paramedic Matthew Hunter was the first emergency services officer at the scene.

He told the court Mr Poxon's condition deteriorated rapidly from his arrival on scene to when he was loaded in the ambulance and rushed to Toowoomba Hospital.

He said Mr Poxon was assessed and transported within 28 minutes of receiving the initial call to the Sherrin Rentals yard.

"With the benefit of hindsight, with such a traumatic injury, if able to transport earlier …. I'm not entirely sure it would've changed the outcome," he said.

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