Judge Wayne Chivell has jailed the man for at least two years for the “horrific” attack.
Judge Wayne Chivell has jailed the man for at least two years for the “horrific” attack.

Broken ring used in horrific attack on wife

AN estranged husband who permanently disfigured his wife by slashing her face more than 20 times with her binned and broken wedding ring has been jailed for at least two years for the "horrific" attack.

The District Court heard the man told his wife "no one's going to want you now" as he repeatedly cut her face during the shocking September, 2017 assault.

The incident occurred after the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, placed a GPS in his wife's car to track her movements.

The 51-year-old, from Adelaide's eastern suburbs, pleaded guilty to aggravated causing harm over the attack.

He had no prior convictions at the time of the incident.

Judge Wayne Chivell said it appeared the man, who continued to live in the same house as his wife after their relationship broke down because he was unable to financially support himself, "never accepted that (the) relationship was over".

The court was told that on September 2, 2017 the man had tracked his wife by putting a GPS in her car and followed her to a beach where he photographed her with another man.

Later that day, he confronted his wife at their home and accused her of being unfaithful.

When she repeatedly told him their relationship was over, he hit her in the face twice, causing her to fall to the floor, the court heard.

Judge Chivell said the man then sat on his wife's chest and produced her broken wedding ring, which he had retrieved from a rubbish bin.

"It had bent into the shape of the number six and the tail end was jagged," he said.

"You began slashing her face with the ring, which you had on one of your fingers.

"You did so more than 20 times and caused lacerations to her face.

"Among the things that you said was the following: 'Next time you put on your make-up for someone else you will remember who you are. No one's going to want you now'."

Judge Chivell said the statement clearly demonstrated the man's intention to "disfigure (his wife's) face so that she would no longer be attractive".

The court heard the man also kicked his wife twice as she got up, with blood covering her face, and ran outside screaming.

A neighbour heard the woman and called police.

Judge Chivell described the wife's injuries, which had left permanent scarring, as "horrific".

"She must wear make-up to try and disguise it," he said.

He said the woman, who had received plastic surgery and radiotherapy to treat her injuries and continued to undergo treatment, suffered post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the "cowardly and disgraceful" attack.

Judge Chivell sentenced the man on Tuesday to three years in jail, with a non-parole period of two years.

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