CLOSING UP: Phil Hunt (inset) has cleared out his car yard, We Torque Cars, on Quay St.
CLOSING UP: Phil Hunt (inset) has cleared out his car yard, We Torque Cars, on Quay St. NewsMail

CLOSED: How a Facebook post led to the end for a local shop

THE owner of a used car dealership says he is closing the doors to his business a month early, claiming he has been targeted on Facebook by disgruntled customers.

Phillip Hunt of We Torque Cars has cleared out his dealership on Quay St and said he would now be looking for work elsewhere.

He said he'd had multiple problems with vandalism at the yard and a post on Facebook had pushed him over the edge.

Mr Hunt said it was hard to deal with disgruntled customers who he believed were bending the truth.

"I've just had enough of the bulls--t ... and I've decided to have a break," Mr Hunt said.

His decision comes after a post was made on Facebook by a woman who said she bought a 2008 Holden Commodore that had major issues from the dealership in June.

She claims she wasn't allowed to test drive it.

She began noticing problems with the Commodore, including parts of the interior falling apart, the day she picked it up from the dealership.

"It just wasn't running OK. I noticed when I purchased it on that day that it was quite jumpy and it felt like the engine was literally going to come out of the car," she said.

"But I just thought because it was a sports exhaust on the car that's the reason it was doing that, because I have no knowledge of cars."

The woman approached MrHunt about the problems earlier this week.

Mr Hunt said: "We've had no correspondence with the customer at all until Sunday we received a phone call.

"Out of sympathy I offered her to deliver the car to us so we could have a look at it for her."

It was determined she would need a new motor to resolve the vehicle's issues.

On Monday afternoon, the woman posted to a Facebook forum expressing her dissatisfaction with the dealership's service.

Mr Hunt said he was disappointed about the post as he had been trying to assist.

After the post, other people started commenting. A poll was created where people could vote on whether or not his business should close down.

"I've always had a saying 'never let the truth get in the way of a good story' and that's what they've done on Facebook," Mr Hunt said.

He has vowed to take legal action against the site administrator of the page and potentially Facebook itself, arguing many comments were defamatory.

The woman is also seeking legal advice about her car situation. She said she had taken her case to the Office of Fair Trading.

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