Locals ready for election result

PATIENCE is a virtue but it seems the outcome of the federal election is pushing the limit for some.

With a decision still to be finalised on who will lead the nation and votes in the Flynn electorate still being counted, The Observer yesterday spoke with six members of the community in relation to this protracted election outcome.

The general consensus among all interviewed was an announcement needed to be made sooner rather than later.

Trevor Maytom said having a hung parliament was not good for the country.

He said with all the expense of the federal election, Australia didn't want to go to the polls again.

With a decision resting on negotiations with the Independents, Mr Maytom said he was fairly confident they would come to a suitable decision.

“Most Independents are not in it to feather their own nest,” Mr Maytom said.

“Whichever way, we need better hospital services and specialist services in Gladstone.”

Benaraby resident Ken Wotton said he was disappointed an outcome was yet to be declared.

“Our whole future is at stake and it is resting on their (Independents) decision,” Mr Wotton said.

Aged care worker Sheila Miller said she would have liked to have known an outcome by now.

“There should be procedures in place in the event of a scenario like this happening,” Ms Miller said.

Boyne Island mother of two Holly Clow said she was not too fazed by the decision, as long as public schools received their fair share of funding.

“I will be glad when it's all over so we can get on with life,” she said.

Monique Dannatt, from Bororen, said she was concerned that all the power had been placed in the hands of the Independents and that they were going to get the final say.

“There could possibly be some local election promises which are now at risk, but I think the larger electorates will be more affected,” Ms Dannatt said.

Sharing her view was Kristie Maytom who said that despite not being happy with the outcome, nothing would change her vote.

“I am not happy with the strong-arming being used by the Independents,” Ms Maytom said.

“A handful of electorates are going to get their needs met.”

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