Elderly driver shocked as licence cancelled 'due to age'

I HAVE just been given the shock of my life. I am in my late eighties. My driver's licence has just been cancelled before my birthday on January 31. Can they do that?

I went to the local doctor for the usual check-up.

I was told I would have to do a driving test because of my age.

A driving test at 88? Do they want to kill you with shock?

Should a person's licence be cancelled once they reach a certain age?

This poll ended on 01 March 2014.

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On a recent visit to the optometrist I was told that there was nothing wrong with my eyesight and at Christmas I played nine holes of golf in Cairns.

Apparently this new law has come in without the public being aware of it.

The powers that be have found a way to get elderly people off the road without the usual publicity.

I completed my driving test around the town and the only complaint I was given was that I drove too slowly.


They have chosen the most highly respected people in the area to do the dirty work for them - the doctors and the police.

I feel very strongly that my case could have been handled in a different manner as I am reasonably fit and healthy and I was not treated in a compassionate manner.

  • CELIA JEITZ, Jandowae

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