Lack of support for local events nothing new

DARREN Bambrick has been to all five El Grande festivals, but he says niche events in Gladstone only ever attract a small number of people.

He made the comments after organisers of the weekend's El Grande Festival were disappointed by the low turnout, with only 400 people coming to see a line-up of ARIA award-winning acts.

Mr Bambrick said the type of music at the festival only appealed to a certain demographic of people.

He has lived in the Gladstone region for 10 years and said a lack of support for locally run events wasn't anything new.

"Historically, regional events are never big," he said.


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"El Grande music isn't mainstream or radio-friendly music. It's a niche event and you won't get hundreds of people unless it's free or has a popular, commercial act."

Resident Lucy Dwyer chose to spend her weekend at the Freedom Festival.

"If El Grande was held during the day then no wonder no one turned up," she said.

"It's hot here in Gladstone during the day."

What you said on our Facebook page:

Katie Williams: My daughter wanted to go but only because she thought Ariana Grande was the main act.

Mandy Green: More advertising might have helped.

Julianne Silver: Didn't see much advertising and wouldn't it be better at an open venue?

The Grand is great, don't get me wrong... It is a shame there wasn't a great turn-out as I know there is so much involved behind the scenes.

Daz Bambrick: Advertise lol. It was advertised on the radio, Facebook, Observer, in many businesses and in places all around town since before Christmas. Like there's no way you could have missed it.

Colleen Keogh: All the events fall on the same weekend. Freedom festival, naked magicians and the drags were on.

If they looked at what other events are on and organise it so it doesn't fall on the same weekend.

Leesa Maree Coughlin: There was the naked magicians and the freedom festival on, of course there was going to be a low turn-out

Billie-jean Elford: How about they were all at Freedom Festival Family Fun Day supporting and getting behind an event that was put on to help with bullying and sucide, depression and mental illness an event that was first of it kind for Australia.

Jay Booth: I hadn't seen one notice board or shop that didn't have an El grande poster on it.

It was advertised all over the place. Truck and Tim put so much blood and soul into this event, only to get a kick in the guts.

Luke Haebich: Was a great night, such good vibes. Have it all on one night would be better ... So good to see such great bands in town

Matt Ansell: I didn't even know Tiki Taane was playing

Lucy Dwyer: Try a different time of the year... Have it during the day into the evening over one day rather than a weekend.

See what else is happening round the place before locking in dates.

Matt Green: These guys put their blood sweat and tears into this project, and all we can do is bag them for trying to provide the community with a thriving music scene.

We should be getting behind these boys and the rest of the battlers out there trying to make a difference, by supporting these events. Great job guys and look foward to the next one.

Sooo, what was everyone up to on the weekend just gone? Not at the El Grande Festival, it seems. What advice can you give the organisers for next year?

Posted by The Observer on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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