woman throw dices on casino table: GETTY IMAGES
woman throw dices on casino table: GETTY IMAGES

EDITORIAL: The election finger-pointing fatigue is real



ANOTHER day, another round of finger-pointing in the Queensland Election race.

The behaviour of the majors in particular goes right to the heart of why the rise of minor parties has continued in recent years.

Out-of-touch people in concrete buildings have rolled their eyes and shrieked about folks on the fringe without accepting that the majority of people deserting the majors were simply sick of the same old story.

No matter which side of politics you sit on, we can surely all agree we've had enough of the blame game when there's not enough being said about what's going to be done to fix this mess (and let's be honest, we were in trouble long before COVID-19 was heard of).

We have had enough changes in local seats and in Government this side of the Year 2000 to indicate that both the LNP and Labor have runs on the board to celebrate and both are to blame for an equal number of failings - including the fact that a bunch of trains ended up being poorly built in India when they could have saved an industry and been built right the first time here.

Yes, we live in one of the best places on earth and should be proud of our patch.

Yes, there's been some significant improvements in the manufacturing and health industries, particularly when it comes to specialist care but there's still some glaring issues in both those spaces and we are still one of the most socially disadvantaged regions in the nation with equally unenviable unemployment rates.

History should always teach us valuable lessons.

It deserves to be highlighted (note to some - this doesn't mean attempting to rewrite it) but being stuck in the past is useless, particularly when it's never been more important for the focus to be on who is best to lead us into the future.

Most of the time, major party candidate and party leader conversations and announcements on the rare visionary plans that are in the works are so hijacked by venom-spitting and/or pollie speak that the voter could be forgiven for forgetting what the good part was all about.

People expect more and the party faithful deserve more from the side they support through thick and thin.

It's of course easier for minor parties and independents to promise the world when they don't have to tip-toe around party politics and someone in Brisbane is holding the purse strings.

The flip side however is that nearly every promise hinges on the hope they will hold the balance of power in a divided state.

Despite One Nation and independent candidates being chosen on the Fraser Coast in the past, it's unlikely the majority of voters will like those odds - or the concept of more division.

It may well still be anyone's game however and come Monday, locals will join other Queenslanders in beginning to place their bets.

Every day the majors continue to favour-finger pointing over future shaping increases the risk of traditional voters in regions like ours turning into reckless gamblers.

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