Lillipop Blush puts on a delightful show.
Lillipop Blush puts on a delightful show. Contributed

Dwarf plants cause a big buzz

SOME exciting new plants have been released by Aussie Winners nurseries, those innovative people who have enabled the garden loving public to be more creative in our gardens, with a range of colourful and in many cases dwarfed forms of colourful shrubs, perennials and other plants.

This season, many of us who have moved into smaller premises in retirement as well as other garden lovers, will be delighted to know that Aussie Winners have released a new dwarf range of the beautiful Buddlejas (butterfly bush) but while they produced lovely flowers that were always attractive to butterflies, were often found to be too large and sprawly for our gardens.

Buddleja Buzz overcomes that for us, as it has been bred to grow between 1-1.2m tall, and the first three colours in the range are now available.

These colours are sky blue, ivory (creamy-white) and purple, and the long flowering season will continue through summer with only some dead-heading needed to encourage more flowers.

Buzz, like most plants, needs well-drained soil, is suitable for a sunny situation, and will also do well in semi-shade, and its smaller size makes it just right for patios and smaller gardens.

Low maintenance well describes Buddleja Buzz, so at planting time, dig the hole to required depth, remove another handful of soil, then add required amount of long-term, controlled release Osmocote, mix gently into soil, then insert plant on top and backfill.

Water in thoroughly, top with mulch keeping it away from the main stem, and your new shrub will quickly reward you.

The flowers appear on new growth so spring pruning will keep them compact and shapely, and an annual dose of Osmocote will promote many new stems that will flower in the same year.

To prune, remove dead, diseased, damaged or weak stems, then prune the remaining stems to form a low framework.

Every year Buzz should be pruned back to a permanent low framework of 3-4 buds from the base of the plant.

Growing butterfly bushes in tubs (always with good quality potting mix please), allows you the added pleasure of moving them around to various parts of the garden that you may wish to highlight, and they have a delightful perfume.


Gaura Lillipop Blush

Gauras are easy care, trouble free plants, and dry tolerant when established.

They enjoy a sunny situation, are good in massed planting or as fillers, and perfect for patio pots or baskets - using good quality potting medium of course. When the flowers fade, prune the top growth back to the crown, feed and water, and the new flush will appear.

These lovely little perennials would be ideal to grow near the Buddleja Buzz described above, providing a real floral spectacle.


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