Drunk mum gives alcohol to daughters aged six and nine

A COOLUM mother-of-six has pleaded guilty to giving a bottle of alcohol to her daughters aged six and nine, even though she was too drunk to remember doing it.

The court heard that Melissa Deborah Lesley Walker, 36, was seen opening a bottle of red Vodka Cruiser at a party on November 2 last year, before handing it to her daughters and saying, "Here, this is for you two to share".

"They took turns to swig from the bottle and consumed about three-quarters of the bottle," prosecutor Senior Constable Leonie Scott told the Maroochydore Magistrates Court.

Sen Const Scott said another party-goer took a photo of one of the girls with the bottle.

Walker also was charged with providing alcohol to an eight-year-old boy, after he also "drank about 3cm" of the red Vodka Cruiser.

The court heard Walker had drunk at least 12 bottles of alcohol throughout the party and had little recollection of the night.

Her lawyer Corey Jenkins said his client was disgusted by her behaviour, but added other concerned party-goers could have intervened.

"She's responsible for her own actions, but perhaps some common sense would have been helpful," he said.

"People had the time to take photographs."

Walker was fined $1200.

However, outside court, she described the incident as "a stitch-up".

"They never liked me," she said of those who reported her crime, before adding that others at the party also had been supplying alcohol to minors.

"I'm getting in trouble for things I don't remember doing, yet they were supplying 16-year-olds."

"It's hypocritical, I think.

"I'm going to report them because I think it's unfair I got caught for something they also did.

"I'm not a big drinker - I only drink on occasions - but now I'll probably never drink again."

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