Man fined after drug video found on phone left in taxi

AN HONEST taxi driver handed Gladstone police a mobile phone left by a passenger in the hope it would be reunited with its owner.

Obliging police tracked down the phone's owner, Kyle-Steven Delioglanis, but then issued him with drug charges after viewing a video found on it.

Prosecutor Sgt Pepe Gangemi said the phone was left in the taxi on July 27, and police found that it held a 39-second video showing a man lighting material in a bong - the drug ice.

They went to the home of Delioglanis, the phone owner, who admitted it was him smoking.

However, Delioglanis had not been aware of any video message being sent.

Sgt Gangemi said Delioglanis then gave officers a bong made from a plastic milk bottle and admitted using it to take drugs.

Delioglanis pleaded guilty to possession of utensils/pipes that had been used in a drug offence under the Drugs Misuse Act, and contravening a direction of police by failing to attend Gladstone police station to supply identification details.

At the time he was on probation for an unrelated matter.

Delioglanis, who represented himself until told by magistrate Penelope Hay to get his hands out of his pockets and get legal advice from the duty lawyer, then sought drug diversion for his offences.

Ms Hay agreed he was eligible for drug diversion and that his failure to later attend the police station to supply identification had been an oversight.

She placed him on a six-month good behaviour bond on his own recognisance of $300.

Delioglanis was fined $150 and ordered to attend drug assessment and education sessions.

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