New drug approved to help with monthly pain

MEGHAN McGregor has been living with monthly pain that requires an arsenal of heat packs and painkillers.

Recent surgery confirmed she has endometriosis and that her uterus and bladder are fused together.

But a new drug available on the Australian market is likely to ease her pain.

Leading pharmaceutical company Bayer has recently approved Visanne, a drug marketed to ease the long-term pain experienced by endometriosis sufferers.

It took a long time to be approved in Australia because the company had to determine if a reasonably sized market existed.

Ms McGregor said her condition often woke her in pain.

"It's like someone ripping your insides out of you.

"I've spent thousands and thousands trying to find out what was wrong with me.

"To be told at 26 that I may never conceive is heart breaking."

Gladstone gynaecologist Dr Anja Szabo estimates anywhere from 11-15% of the female population is living with the condition.

She said it was the most under-diagnosed condition in Australian women.

"Even we (doctors) are not exactly sure where it is coming from or the reason it develops," she said.

"Simply put, it is when the inner lining of the uterus, called the endometrium, spreads and deposits to other places.

"It can sit on the bladder, the ovaries or pretty much anywhere in the abdomen.

"It acts the same as usual lining and bleeds."


  • Can only be correctly diagnosed through surgical intervention
  • Cannot be prevented
  • Affects at least 558,300 women in Australia
  • One in 10 women are affected

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