Drug dealer walks free from court with family

MATTHEW Bujnowicz's mother and sister cried tears of relief as Judge Paul Smith on Wednesday sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment.

The sentence, for supplying methamphetamine, was suspended for two years.

The 28-year-old tiler walked out of the Gladstone District Court dock and gave his girlfriend a hug.

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His mother followed, sobbing softly, and his stepfather followed stoically close behind.

It was that support which kept him out of jail.

And now, as long as he doesn't get into trouble with the law for the next two years, he's a free man.

Bujnowicz pleaded guilty to three counts of supplying methamphetamine and five counts of possession of drugs paraphernalia.

Evidence of drug deals for 0.2g of speed, and one planned deal to sell 0.5g, were found on his mobile phone - that was seized by police in a drug raid on September 19 last year.

Defence lawyer Jordan Ahlstrand said his client had been in a bad place when he started dealing to pay for his own addiction and other drug debts.

Bujnowicz had attempted suicide before moving to Gladstone and turned to methamphetamine to deal with the death of two friends.

He was depressed and quickly became addicted, a psychologist's report stated.

Bujnowicz listened to the charges and quietly addressed the judge.

"I'm ashamed of myself your honour," he said. "I realise what it does to others."

In delivering the sentence, Judge Smith told the defendant he was very lucky to have family that supported him.

"Many young men in your position don't," he said.

The defendant glanced over at his mother, stepfather and girlfriend and quietly replied: "I know."

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