Drones workshop a sign of the future for these kids

THE FUTURE: Anthea Sternberg and Faith Emzin of Boyne Island State School, learning how to fly drones.
THE FUTURE: Anthea Sternberg and Faith Emzin of Boyne Island State School, learning how to fly drones. Julia Bartrim

CHILDREN today will need to be able to perform jobs that don't even exist yet, says Michael Hurst, principal of Boyne Island State School.

Many of the jobs will be technology based, and for this reason, the children at BISS were treated to a drone workshop this week as part of National Science Week.

Linda Pfeiffer from CQ University brought mini- drones to the school for the children to practise flying them over an obstacle course or delivering "pizzas” to model houses.

The children, in teams, had to program the drones' flight paths using iPads.

Dr Pfeiffer said her own children taught her how to program the drones and "they are very easy to use, (either with) a click and drag menu or html coding”.

Mr Hurst said the school was conscious of the need to prepare kids for technology jobs, but an essential skill still needed was to learn to work as part of a team.

"It isn't just about coding, it's around working as a group to come up with a solution,” he said.

Every class in the school will have completed the drone workshop by today.

Mr Hurst said the school held the workshop last year, and this year, many children could build on their knowledge.

BISS received a grant to hold the drone workshop from Advance Queensland Engaging Science Grants, part of the Queensland Department of Science Technology and Innovation.

Mr Hurst said the mini drones were programmed and so could not alter their flight plan to account for wind.

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