DRIVING INSTRUCTOR: How new test will impact learners

Q-Safe is the Practical Driving Test that All Queensland drivers must take to get their Drivers Licence. This is the minimal Standard of driving skills and behaviours that every person must strive for in order to stay safe on our roads. 

Over the last few years there has been a review of these standards and practices and as of Monday the 29th of June 2015 the enhanced Q-Safe Test will be used to conduct all Practical on Road driving tests this includes cars, Heavy vehicle and Motorcycle tests.

The biggest changes will highlight the way applicants apply safe driving skills and behaviours such as

  • There will be no tolerance for speeding in any circumstance. Meaning any type of excess to the speed limit will result in a Critical Driving Error and Instant Fail of the Test. This is in direct correlation with the no tolerance for speeding under the current Laws.
  • More importance is placed on Safe Following Distances and Hazard perception. So Staying the correct safety Distance behind the vehicle in front and actually looking for hazards.
  • Reducing the number of required manoeuvres from 3 down to 2. The manoeuvres that will be asked to complete will not change but only that the minimum number required is reduced. This will give the Driving examiner more time to complete more Intersection work.
  • Minimum number of right and left turns at varied intersections such as T- sections and cross road intersections.

Now what all this means for learners is that they will need to make sure that they are adhering to the Road rules. This will also mean that all supervisors of new drivers will need to get tough (If they are not already) on all road rules but emphasizing specifically on Speed, Safety margins,  Hazard perception and doing a wide variety of intersections. It helps to approach the same intersection from all different directions and not just the same way every time.

Anyone who is a safe and aware driver will be able to pass the new enhancements of the Q-Safe test with minimal issues. The new changes have not been put in place to Fail more people but to create a higher standard of drivers on our roads.

From the Team at Training Wheels Driver Training Safe and Happy Driving.

- Candita Hamblin

Read more about the new rules in tomorrow's Observer.

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