PETER Powell is lucky to be alive.

His brush with death occurred while travelling along the notorious Toolooa Bends.

The car in front abruptly pulled into a u-turn across double lines. It was a near-miss for the professional driver who is still surprised he wasn't hit by the other motorist.

"I'm lucky to be here," Mr Powell said.

After working 30 years as a truck driver, 12 years as a taxi driver and 16 years in the Gladstone transport industry, Mr Powell has seen a lot of crashes and isn't at all surprised by the state's recent road toll statistics.

"It's been full-on lately, it's ongoing and it saddens me," said Mr Powell.

According to Mr Powell, the roads are not the issue in Central Queensland.

"A driver can always drive to the road condition," Mr Powell said.

His two major concerns with Gladstone's motorists are tailgating and speeding.

"Drivers' patience has gone, consideration is gone," he said.

Mr Powell, who is teaching his son to drive, believes there is too much driver freedom and regional roads are on a down-hill slope - destined to get worse unless something is done now.

His solution is to implement greater controls on our roads with more un-marked police cars and fixed speed and red light cameras.

"There needs to be more accountability," he said.

What Gladstone Police have to say...

Sergent Sally Moreton said Gladstone police were urging motorists to drive to the conditions in the wet weather

Motorists are reminded that police will continue to enforce speed limits and will continue a strong presence over the weekend for drink-driving offences

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