Drivers not using roundabouts properly a common bugbear

USING roundabouts incorrectly and failing to indicate are two of the most commonly broken or ignored road rules by Gladstone drivers, according to our readers.

We asked our Facebook likers to comment on the topic, and they had plenty to say.

Other rules that were frequently broken included failing to stop at stop signs - particularly the one at Coles - speeding, tailgating and not giving way.

Talking on the phone while driving was another driving infringement reported.

"Whenever I come back to Gladstone, the first thing I notice is how much everyone uses their phone. And not even secretly or managing to drive half decently while using them," Sarah Hansford said.

Michelle Coulch said drivers talking or texting on phones and nearly hitting kids at pedestrian crossings during school time was an issue.

Nonnie Johnson said: "Amazed at how many people I see everyday using a phone while driving."

Drivers not taking care at pedestrian crossings was an issue also raised by Chrissy Miles.

"Ignoring pedestrian crossings at schools when lollypop lady is not on duty and people ignoring the red arrow at the lights up at St Johns school," she said.

"A lot of people in this town don't seem to care if they run some poor kid over or not. Drives me insane!"

Then there was merging.

"People who don't know how to merge properly," Sam Taylor said.

"Everyone complains about P platers, but they learnt the rules more recently than a 40-year-old. And I've noticed they can merge and indicate better."


How to use a roundabout properly

FOR people who aren't clear on how to use a roundabout correctly, Community Advocate driving columnist Candita Hamblin offered this advice last year:

With the best part of 40 roundabouts in Gladstone, I am sure most of you are aware that not a lot of people know how to use them correctly.

Everybody has their own roundabout near-miss story. They are the main driving situation that learners try to avoid at all costs.

There is no standout group of drivers who cause most of the problems on roundabouts - it seems to be drivers of all skill levels and experience.

Roundabouts do work well, if everybody is adhering to the road rules.

There are a few basic road rules to remember when using roundabouts, such as:

Position your vehicle in the correct lane well before the roundabout;

The lane markings and arrows will help you to know what lane to be in. Or if you remember "left lane to turn left; right lane to turn right; and straight in both lanes" (unless the road arrows tell you otherwise);

Always indicate your intentions with enough notice for other road users;

Don't forget to indicate when exiting from the roundabout;

Give way to everyone who is already on the roundabout; and

Stay in your lane. For example, if you enter in the left lane, make sure you exit in the left lane.

It is always good to keep an eye out for people doing the wrong thing on roundabouts.

That way, you can avoid most potentially dangerous situations.

Until next time, safe and happy driving.

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