Driver busted 29 times reaches end of the line

A DRIVER already busted 28 times for driving when court disqualified has lost his licence "absolutely".

He went before court on his 29th offence and the Ipswich man's lawyer had trouble to find similar cases to cite when considering penalties that involved as many disqualified driving offences.

Peter Allen John Hibbard, 32, from Churchill, pleaded guilty via video-link from jail before Ipswich Magistrates Court to driving when disqualified; evading police; obstructing police; and stealing.

Prosecutor, Acting Sergeant Bernard Elmore said the stealing involved the theft of fuel at Aratula in June 2017.

He'd also failed to stop for police and drove when disqualified at Coalfalls in December 2018.

"He has an appalling traffic history, 21 pages," Sgt Elmore said.

"And 28 previous convictions for driving when disqualified."

"This is his 29th. All within the last three years.

"It's beyond being contemptuous disregard of court orders."

The police sought a jail term of 18 months for Hibbard, and with parole eligibility after he serve 50 days.

Sgt Elmore sought for his driving licence to be disqualified absolutely, saying Hibbard does not deserve to drive on Queensland roads.

The court heard that Hibbard had been in custody since December 6.

Defence lawyer Clark Bushnell said it was difficult to find recidivist offenders of the same ilk given Hibbard's number of offences and that he'd been convicted of a series of "fuel runs" from service stations.

Mr Bushnell said it was good policy shown by police who did not pursue Hibbard, when they saw him reversing out of a driveway in a white ute.

They had activated sirens and he simply drove off.

He said the police knew Mr Hibbard "pretty well" and just went to his home afterwards.

Magistrate Melanie Ho queried that Hibbard was previously fined $7000, saying court records show that for his last evasion offence in 2016 he'd received a three month jail term for not stopping.

And in November 2017 had received a 12-month jail term and been disqualified from driving for two years.

Ms Ho said she had counted 18 prior driving disqualified offences that Hibbard had been dealt with back in March 2018, and he'd been disqualified for four years.

Then within nine months he'd committed another offence while on parole.

Mr Bushnell described it as being "a very soft evade" offence.

He said Hibbard has six children and three would live with him when he was released from jail as he would return to live with a former partner as he'd now separated from his partner of nine years.

Ms Ho sentenced Hibbard to a 15-month jail term from April 26 with eligibility to begin applying for parole after he serve 50 days from June 15.

Ms Ho said he'd also obstructed police after officers saw him "peeking from a bedroom window" in a house when police knocked at the door.

With police saying they would break the front door if he did not open it, after he was seen reversing out of the driveway some hours before.

She noted his 28 prior entries on his record for driving when disqualified.

He was disqualified from driving absolutely.

Hibbard received the mandatory 50 days jail for evading police and disqualified two years.

Ross Irby

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