Dread brushing hair? Kailani has a solution

DREADLOCKS: It's the hair style many people consider trying, but few take the leap.

And most never look back.

Kalina Bonelli has been in the business of dreadlocking for two years and has had her own dreadlocks for three.

The qualified "dread loctician" underwent training and courses for months before starting her business, Kailani Dreads, and uses a natural process with no products.

"I always wanted dreadlocks, but with the job I had I was never able to get them," Kalina said.

"I wanted something natural and very low maintenance and I love my hair now."

Ms Bonelli uses minimal tools, with the main tool being a small crochet hook.

"It's quite a complex way of doing it but very effective," Ms Bonelli said.

"And while it takes about six months for dreadlocks to mature this way they look really great.

"A standard consultation can take anywhere from five to seven hours this way as there are four stages of completing a head of dreads."

The process starts with Kalina sectioning the hair off, which is done so the dreadlocks sit properly.

"Then I use a comb to back comb the hair, which thickens it and mats it. Then I start using the crochet hook."

Once the dreadlocks have been created Kalina advises her clients to wait two weeks before washing, and then wash them once a week.

"I also tell my clients that if they want to keep their hair as natural as possible to use an organic shampoo but never conditioner. The hair needs to stay dry for the dreads to stay."

It is recommended for hair to be at least 10cm long.

"Any shorter and it is too fiddly," Ms Bonelli said.

"And it can become very costly for the client as it takes more time."

To contact Kalina phone 0407649130 or email

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