PAY $20 and you get to see 20 bands; it's the new business model for El Grande and organisers hope it will help rebuild the event after last year's abysmal turnout.

They had hoped for 1000 people at the 2015 Gladstone music festival but were disappointed when just 400 turned up.

There were doubts it would be held again.

Organiser Nathan Bedford told this paper last year that it would take him at least five years to recover the money he put into the event.

But he and Tim Price have just announced a (albeit downsized) line up for the 2016 El Grande festival.

Local bands need more local opportunities; so this driven duo has decided to give it another crack.

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>> WHAT'S ON: 2016 Gladstone Gig Guide

There will be fewer and lesser-known bands - but with cheaper tickets.

"If we don't put this event on then there's no real avenue for the non-top 40 touring artists who aren't huge, to come through central Queensland," Mr Bedford said.

"I don't want Gladstone people and local bands to miss out."

Last year's event:



The format for the event this year will be similar to what they started out with four years ago.

"We need to go back to the beginning. This year we have a smaller line-up with some good bands and the tickets are cheaper this time around too.

"Our main headliner is Caligula's Horse (pictured). They're not a household name... they're tipped be the next big overseas progressive rock act out of Australia and I've heard they're amazing live."

The band is also ticketed on new rock festival, a replacement for Soundwave, Legion.

"We're definitely happy with the line-up. But since we don't have the ARIA winning headliners this year there's not a huge amount of risk with this event as far as money goes."

"We just need people to come and support it."

This will be the fourth El Grande in Gladstone. It will be on March 11 at the Grand Hotel. Tickets are available at here or at the Grand Hotel.

Gladstone - Saturday 12th March - Grand Hotel


El Grande Festival is coming to Gladstone on March 12.
El Grande Festival is coming to Gladstone on March 12.

Main Stage
Caligula's Horse
Awaken I am
Osaka Punch
Red in Tooth
La Mont
Animal Throwdown
Strictly Ballroom


Acoustic Stage
Jackson Dunn
Tim Andersen
Chris Bax
A Direst Desire
Baberaham Lincoln

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