Countless near misses at site of Monday's double fatality

POOR visibility, poorly signed road speeds and dangerous bends was how one resident described the killer stretch.

They're three ingredients in a road which can result in disaster, and sadly did just that on Monday when the lives of an elderly couple from Agnes Water were cut short after a horrific crash on Tableland Rd, Taunton.

Passing motorists and emergency services officers worked tirelessly to try to save the pair, believed to be in their early 80s, who had been travelling north in the 100kmh zone when their car veered off the road, hitting a large tree about 11.30am.

The female passenger was believed to have passed away first on scene. Queensland Fire and Rescue officers worked to cut free the male driver, who also died before being able to be airlifted to hospital.

Bobbie McKee has lived on Tableland Rd for eight years and lives only about 2km from Monday's crash site, which is about 4km south of the Fingerboard Roadhouse.

She said there had been countless near misses along the stretch.

"They really need to improve the road and raise the bridges to give people a lot more visibility," she said.

Miriam Vale police officer in charge sergeant Owen Harms said the exact location of the crash site had not appeared to be a particularly dangerous stretch, but investigations into the cause of the crash were ongoing.

He praised the efforts of those on scene who tried to save the victims.

"Some bystanders tried to assist the deceased while raising the alarm for emergency services," Sgt Harms said.

"The driver had to be cut free by firies. QFRS and QAS did an excellent job, but tragically both died... it was a horrific accident and emergency services worked as hard as they could as both occupants were trapped."

Ms McKee was saddened but not surprised at the tragic toll taken by the road.

"Our stretch is notorious for people overtaking when they shouldn't be overtaking because they're not reading the speed signs, but this is just absolutely tragic," she said.

"Our stretch just seems to be really bad. You just can't see because of all the bends."

Sgt Harms said it was a tragic but timely reminder for motorists, with the Easter holiday period under way, to remain extra-vigilant on the region's roads.

"It's a timely reminder for people to take extra care on the roads, they need to obey the Fatal Five," he said.

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