Is Barbie to blame for domestic violence in Gladstone?

THE call by Greens Senator Larissa Waters to watch what toys parents buy for their children is beyond a joke.

Safety was not her argument, nor ethical persuasion. It was gender association.

No Gender December appeals to parents to carefully consider the ramifications of buying a Barbie for a girl or a GI Joe toy for a boy.

Senator Waters said gender inequalities surfacing from something a simple as a childhood toy could be echoed throughout the rest of that child's life.

"Levels of domestic violence are measurably higher across the whole population in societies where laws, institutions and cultural beliefs promote or support stereotypical or rigid roles for men and women, and where women have less access to power and resources than men," she said.

I know what I think, I know what my friends and family think, but I'm curious to know what Gladstone thinks.

Here in Gladdy we have a domestic violence rate that's above the state average.

Is it because of the toys we played with as children?

Or does it have more to do with education, our demographic or just general intolerance for each other?

I recall playing with Barbies for the duration of my childhood.

Loved them and I wouldn't be seen without them.

But I have never been afraid to get my hands dirty, lift heavy items and hang out with the boys.

I can't rely on one perspective to answer this dilemma.

Interestingly, when I quizzed Senator Waters as to whether she thought toys determined sexual preference, she promptly and quickly responded "no".

Let me know what you think Gladstone.

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