Don’t touch grounded bats - Capricorn Coast wildlife carer

WILD weather on the Capricorn Coast has been knocking baby flying foxes to the ground and animal carer Joy Davison-Lee warns people not to touch them.

Passionate Capricorn Wildlife carer Joy is warning community members that if they see a flying-fox or micro-bat in trouble it are imperative they contact a bat carer or other person who has been inoculated against the lyssavirus.

"I have found six babies dead on the ground recently," she said.

"Babies cling to their mothers and travel with them until they are too heavy to carry or are left in a designated nursery area.

"On occasion the mums may have dropped a baby or mum hasn't come home and the little ones have tried to fly out to eat."

Ms Davison-Lee said if a person touches an injured or frightened flying-fox they risk getting scratched or bitten.

Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection said the lyssavirus can only be transmitted by bites and scratches from a bat infected with the virus.

Two people have died from the virus after contact with flying-foxes and one person from an infected micro-bat.

If you find an injured flying-fox or micro-bat, contact Capricorn Wildlife Carers on 4925 0124 or 4938 3141.

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