Don’t bet on these ‘sage’ race tips from The Observer office

RECENT race liftouts have had our sport reporter Jake Jones trying (failing) to select a few winners for the punters of Gladstone.

Hiding away at his desk and not prepared to again make the bookmakers money at the track, we opened up the selections to the whole office.

Here are the picks. Please, for your sake, don't listen to a word of it!

Race 1: Lisa Maynard, digital journalist: Lisa says she thinks Alert Miss will win, simply because she has a good name. When looked at quizzically, Lisa added that the horse seems to be getting better.

Race 2: Tammy Lewis, features writer: "Tash's Will will win, because where there is a will, there is a way," Tammy said. Now Tammy, we know you don't know a lot about racing, but seriously, give the punters what they want. Oh you did, a good laugh!

Race 3: Scott Sawyer, journalist: Pretending not to notice both Tony McMahon and RISA had selected Bella Beijing, old "Sauce" as we call him confidently picked the mare. Struggling to find genuine reason, Sauce mentioned the 56.5kg weight and barrier as reasonable explanations, followed up by the concept of, "Dale Evans the jockey sounds like a good bloke." Folks, if you can trust a man with a sieve brain like Sauce, good luck to you!

Race 4: Megan Hughes, intern: Let's keep this short; Coco Loco, Megan loves the name and it sounds like a champion. With a record of a win and a place at this track and distance from two starts, Megan's tip is probably the most sensible...

Race 5: Allen Winter, editor: Allen has had two bets in his life and won both, each on horse number three. But his time Allen couldn't go past the name No Risque. Come on big man, or then again, maybe you will get "lucky".

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