‘110 per cent’ sure dog mutilated by humans

THE owner of a dog found dead and mutilated at a Gold Coast hinterland property is "110 per cent" sure her dog's death was not due to wild dogs.

Last Thursday, Josie the 16-month-old Australian cattle dog disappeared from her owner's Boyland address, only to be found at the back of the property deceased two days later.

The owner, who declined to be named, said her pup had been found in horrific condition with human-inflicted wounds.


It comes after the Bulletin yesterday reported on a spate of animals killed in the area, with residents fearing for their pets' safety.

Josie's owner says her beloved dog was found with a "perfect hole" near the front of her leg joint which she thinks could be an arrow wound.

"Someone has appeared to have cut her skin, there was a 40mm section of skin missing," she said.

"Obviously she's been tortured, if she had been bitten by a snake it's (horrible) but it's not the same agony that we have now."

Yet Canungra police have downplayed any foul play in Josie's death, saying it was more likely wild dogs had attacked her.

Josie was a sweet natured dog. Picture: supplied
Josie was a sweet natured dog. Picture: supplied

Josie's owner slammed the suggestion wild dogs were to blame, saying she had lived in the area for more than eight years and had never seen one.

"There is no way that her injuries were from anything but human," she said.

"I'm 110 per cent, go on the record … sure of it, there is no way (its wild dogs)."

She added that toilet paper had been found next to Josie's body with her bodily fluids on it, adding there had been another, unrelated incident where she found a decapitated owl on the edge of her property.

"She was the most beautiful dog, she had a special something about her," she said.

"You can't replace her. She was the sweetest soul, she was always smiling. I'm mortified, I can't sleep … for someone to do that physical pain to an animal, what's next? A human? What's next?

"Are my animals going to be hurt in the same manner? What will I find next? I'm petrified because she was my baby. He, she, needs to be found."

While police say most of the dead animals found appear to have died under non-suspicious circumstances, a dead cat found in a trailer recently was believed to have had human interference.

Yesterday Sergeant Craig Roberts of Canungra told the Bulletin animals such as kangaroos were frequently struck by cars and bearing horrible wounds.

"Be aware of where your animals are, they should be in fenced yards as per council laws," he said.

Canungra police said anyone who had any information on suspects regarding any alleged cruelty were urged to come forward.

The RSPCA had been notified in at least one case, but said they were leaving the investigation up to police. They were not aware of any killing pattern.

Josie's owner said she was willing to do an autopsy of the pup's body if necessary.

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