Leon Yow Yeh.
Leon Yow Yeh. Ross Irby

Gladstone man throws bong at woman, hits dog with beer bottle

CONVICTED sex offender Leon Shane Yow Yeh will spend more time in jail after he banged a dog in the nose with a bottle and hit a woman in the mouth with a bong.

The new offences are a breach of a District Court sentence imposed last year when he was found guilty of two sex offences and sentenced to serve nine months jail, suspended after completing four months.

Appearing in custody before Judge Michael Burnett in the District Court at Gladstone, Leon Yow Yeh, 30, pleaded guilty to the breaches of his suspended sentence.

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Leon Yow Yeh.
Leon Yow Yeh. Ross Irby

Crown prosecutor Sam Bain said Yow Yeh previously breached the suspended sentence with breaches under the Child Protection Offenders Reporting Act, by having drug utensils and driving unlicensed.

As a result the District Court had extended the operational period of the suspended sentence and Yow Yeh was sentenced to further jail time on other offences with a then parole release on November 27.

Mr Bain said the new breaches were caused by offences of assault causing bodily harm, stealing Strepsil throat lozenges, throwing a bong at a woman which struck her lip, wilful damage, punching a woman three times and causing her to fall suffering bruises and bleeding, and striking a dog in the mouth with a glass bottle.

The dog received lacerations and Yow Yeh was charged with animal cruelty.

Mr Bain said he has 18 pages of criminal history.

The court heard that Yow Yeh must do sex offender programs while in jail. And defence barrister Tom Polley said he was already doing anger management, drug and alcohol counselling and other courses, "working in the right direction with skills he needs".

Judge Burnett said other Judges tried to give Yow Yeh a chance but he had utterly failed since then with more offences.

He said Yow Yeh has a poor criminal history of anti-social behaviour.

Judge Burnett activated his previous sentence and set his parole eligibility date at December 27.

However, the parole board can take many months to make its decision.

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