Big companies have left a significant legacy in Gladstone

FOLLOWING the positive responses to last week's article (thanks everyone for the feedback), I have decided to continue the theme of "a great Gladstone" and talk about how things have changed in our town since big business turned up.

Since the 1960s, Gladstone has been home to a range of industries.

Between then and now, the boom and bust of the Gladstone industrial landscape has been a way of life for us all in one way or another.

So, what really has industry done for Gladstone, and what has been the legacy left by the big companies.

In a word, significant.

Let me share my feelings on this one.

I did one Google search of "Social Investment Gladstone" and found, on the first page of results alone, more than $13.5m of social investment in our region by major industries.

Just imagine how much value this has added to schools, sporting groups, not-for-profit organisations and the range of many, many other beneficiaries of this investment in the community.

It is very refreshing to see big business make not only a short-term contribution, but commitment of this magnitude that cannot help but improve our region for the better over the long term.

It is great to know that we live in a town where the employers not only provide ongoing opportunities for our workers, but they also take their social licence to operate very seriously and attempt to make a difference while they are here.

But, I am writing a business article here, so how does all this impact on you as a business owner.

Well, in my professional opinion, we all need to consider how we can "give a little bit back".

Being philanthropic is a duty that we all have as business owners, and one that will take the work done by big business and continue it at even more touch points throughout the region.

Be proud of our town, make a statement, find a cause that is struggling and do your bit to make a difference.

To small and big business alike, keep up the great work on the social investment front.

Thank you for making a positive contribution for us all to share and enjoy.

Anton Guinea is business manager at The Guinea Group, which supports businesses by providing staff to fill positions. Visit

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