Don't be a Valentine's Day grinch! Singles can celebrate

WHETHER you love or loath Valentine's Day, there is no doubt on the day when schmoozing and lurve is celebrated, you will hear about it.

Last Valentine's Day I was not smitten over a certain someone.

My eyes did not widen with excitement when one of our receptionists emerged from the front counter with a bunch of flowers.

I knew they wouldn't be for me - and that was okay.

I must admit I have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day.

While it's all fine and dandy to have a day to celebrate love, I think people look at the day too narrow-mindedly.

Just because you're not loved up, does not mean you can't join in the annual festivities.

My friend Kate and I decided to have a little celebration of our own on February 14 last year.

It included fish and chips at the lookout at Tannum Sands beach followed by homemade cupcakes.

We certainly were not taking a stride up Struggle Street feeling glum and lonely with our single lives.

This year Kate and I have both nabbed ourselves a man ... so I'm assuming we will not be sharing dinner at the lookout together.

Although some people argue we shouldn't need a special day to show our appreciation to those we love, Valentine's Day is a pretty great excuse to do something a little special for your someone special.

And, as much as I would like to say that a bunch of flowers, nice dinners and chocolates are far too cliche for my liking, I would probably be lying.

After all if there can be a day for frozen food, Mario and a World Plumbing Day, what is so wrong with Valentine's Day?

So if you don't feel like being a Valentine's Day grinch this year, get together with a group of friends, because being single on Valentine's Day is not the worst thing in the world.

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