YOUR SAY: Do new smoking laws go far enough in Gladstone?

Do new smoking laws go far enough?

Leigh Byrne what a lot of crap. Smokers will not go out soon so it will be the clubs and pubs that will lose money. It's all getting a bit discriminating against smokers. Now people will smoke if they want and you will not stop. They will just buy more takeaways and go home.

Steven Cragg Don't want to click on the link but I agree, there needs to be strong measures to ensure that kids and asthmatics aren't exposed to cigarette smoke, as well as anyone not willing to breathe in the poison. It's no different to any poisons used in industries around town. It needs regulating for safe exposure levels. They take harmless fluoride out of water and let us breathe in poison?

Like Steve Roberts If anyone has done their homework they might begin war on diesels. They are more dangerous to us than smokes, esp those that spew the big black clouds of smoke we drive through in traffic. Oh, but fuel companies pay taxes, big taxes lol.

Aaron Brown I don't care if you smoke, Just have a look before you decide to blow it in my face as I walk past. Also, pick up and dispose of the buds when you finish.

David Weir I think the poor smokers have copped enough. How about clamping down on the filthy habit of spitting. Seems very fashionable these days.

Best op shop in Gladstone

Dave Joe King Can't believe the prices at most op shops in Gladstone. Cheap to go Kmart. But saying that BlueCare is wonderful; best by far.

Robyn Nicoll The op shops have certainly become more expensive. My fav is Lifeline in Benaraby Rd. The ladies there are very friendly hence that's where I drop my goodies off.

Brea Whelan It's not in Gladstone. But it's the only decent reasonable one I've seen around here. The one in Calliope.

Kaoma Dingle Bindaree, Friends of Bindaree: cheap prices, friendly staff and huge variety.

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