Kevin Beauchamp faced court today for having too many crab pots.
Kevin Beauchamp faced court today for having too many crab pots.

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IT'S been a bad few years for commercial fisherman Kevin Beauchamp with a costly divorce and being a single dad to his children.

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It got worse when he was charged by Queensland Fisheries with two counts of not complying with regulations (Fisheries Act) and a condition of Authority at The Narrows on May 21 last year.

His marriage bust-up was blamed for leaving him exposed to the charges as Beauchamp was not able to operate his wife's fishing licence. Beauchamp, 49, was set to defend the charges in a hearing before Gladstone Magistrates Court but at the last moment, after negotiations between legal parties, he pleaded guilty to having 28 extra pots; and not having identification tags on 29 pots.

Fisheries prosecutor RobCarroll said Beauchamp had previously received infringement notices for breaches but this was his first time in court on fisheries offences.

"You are saying its (offences) aggravated because he is a commercial fisherman and he is aware of his responsibilities," Magistrate Jeffrey Clarke said.

Mr Carroll said it did not seek for his fishing licence to be disqualified but costs were sought because Beauchamp's guilty pleas came on the morning of his trial with eight Fisheries officers at the court.

However, Mr Clarke said the plea was timely as it was Beauchamp's first opportunity to plead to "an amended, negotiated position".

Kevin Beauchamp was fined $3000.
Kevin Beauchamp was fined $3000.

Defence barrister Stephen Kissick said the case had some unusual features and the failure in not having markings on 29 pots was "not an act of deception" but a result of rusting or tags washed away.

"He and his wife had C1 licences but were going through a marriage separation. Had the settlement been resolved he would have been entitled to use both licences, operate with 100 pots."

Mr Clarke said Beauchamp had taken "significant knocks" and was now rebuilding his life. Fined $3000 he was ordered to pay legal costs of $2300. No convictions were recorded.

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