Discharge unit accepted for Dululu

DULULU is set to become more caravanning and motorhome friendly, while Baralaba is still up in the air.

Banana Shire Council will accept an offer from the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia (CMCA) to supply a discharge unit and signage for a proposed waste discharge point at Baralaba, subject to locality and budgetary considerations.

Council resolved to accept a discharge unit for Dululu at a meeting in May, 2007, but the project was never finalised.

Baralaba is well used as a rest point by the travelling motorhome and caravanning public.

Discharge of chemical toilet waste to the public toilets was not feasible due to the resulting problems and interference with the primary treatment process of the septic tank.

A Dump Eazy system, which was being offered by CMCA, cannot connect into a septic/treatment plan as the chemicals would kill bacteria.

Council’s Commercial Services director Andrew Reid said council was not against the proposal, but did want to ensure it connected up with a sewerage system.

Notices have been installed at the public toilet requesting that people not discharge chemical toilet waste in the public toilets.

The only available toilet waste dump points in the shire are Biloela, Moura, Taroom and Theodore and these are connected to the respective town sewerage scheme.

The only real facility that could be provided at Baralaba would be at Dululu, is a pump-out chamber where a concrete tank would contain waste discharged at the “motorhome dump point”.

The chamber would need to be pumped out regularly with frequency dependant on usage, with council covering the costs.

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