Did Otways panther take farmer’s livestock?

Sightings of Otways panthers - including one from this month - will form part of an Aussie podcast series exploring the legend of panthers roaming the country.

And the man behind the podcast is calling for local witnesses to the big cats to come forward.

Tweed Heads podcaster Ben Beed is preparing episode six of his Missing Panther series, to focus on Victorian sightings of what many consider an urban legend.

Mr Beed said researchers, witnesses and investigators had been interviewed regarding sightings of the Otways panthers, including a farmer who allegedly saw a panther in early September after livestock went missing.


Missing Panther podcaster Ben Beed
Missing Panther podcaster Ben Beed



"The historical stuff down there seems to be in abundance, and the current stuff is there as well," Mr Beed said of the Otways. "People are still seeing something."

The Missing Panther series follows Mr Beed's attempt to make sense of three "feline creatures" he found in a duck's nest as a teenager, and his quest to explore the possibility of panthers in Australia.

He explores how the cats may have got here - as US army mascots, abandoned before the war, or escaped circus attractions - and dives into the decades of witness material and research on the subject.

"I guess I personally just wanted to speak to the people who have witnessed something, because there's so much controversy around it," he said.

"Why haven't we got that definitive proof yet? Why is there no DNA evidence?

"I sort of can't get past the fact that there are many credible people - we're talking doctors, police officers, detectives, wildlife biologists, ex members of the Department of Primary Industries - all saying they've seen something."

For details, visit missingpanther.com.au



Originally published as Did Otways panther take farmer's livestock?

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