GROUP EFFORT: Your business development team needs the support of all staff to help hit growth goals.
GROUP EFFORT: Your business development team needs the support of all staff to help hit growth goals. Thinkstock

Identifying growth opportunities should be a team effort

MY BIG question for you this week is which people in your business are responsible for the development (or growth) of your business?

In my humble opinion, the answer is everyone in the business.

That's right, if you work in a business I think you have some responsibility to help grow that business.

Why? So that everyone's future is assured, so that the business can continue to expand and provide opportunities for everyone in it, and so that the business development work is not left up to only one person (although the lion's share of the work should sit with the business development role).

The good thing about our world is that it works on the "law of attraction".

This law says that you attract into your life those things that you go looking for, or that you expect, to come into your life.

When everyone in your business is an ambassador, when your employees are willing to identify opportunities and act on them, when your employees feel that it is just part of their role to help the business grow, growth will happen.

With at least some commitment to business development, your business cannot help but grow when employees are willing to sell your wares to their contacts and networks.

The business development role in your business should be doing the same work, though at a much different level.

As well as identifying opportunities, they are charged with turning those opportunities into the provision of services and fulfilling client needs, in order to generate increased business revenue (and profit).

They should aim to at least generate a return on investment on what they are paid.

The challenge is two-fold for the business developer.

First, if they are doing all the work on their own, they will struggle to identify all of the opportunities to grow the business (as some of these will come from contracts or networks of other employees).

Second, they should not just aim to cover costs, they should be focused on the business goals and the growth required to achieve them.

See, the cost to a business of a business developer is not what it costs to pay the employee, but it is what is not delivered by way of business growth over time.

So to give your business developer every chance of success, it is up to every employee to identify growth opportunities.

Anton Guinea is business manager at The Guinea Group, which supports businesses by providing staff to fill positions. Visit

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